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Dr. Edward Parrish

Dr. Edward Parrish

   Dr Parrish received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 1993. Life University embraces the idea that humans are spiritual beings whose lives are directed by universal laws including the natural, vitalistic, innate ability to develop, heal and adapt as long as the body is kept free of interferences. Life University’s approach has been to graduate highly skilled chiropractors who can correct those interferences and can educate their patients to accept responsibility for their own good health.


   After graduation He took an associate position in Schnecksville, Pa in 1994 of which he was in charge of the whole office. Dr. Parrish then opened his own office here in Wescosville in February of 1996.


   Dr. Parrish’s diverse educational background combined with 20 years of clinical experience gives him valuable insight and knowledge to help each and every patient that comes to his office.

Dr. Parrish certified in:
Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialist

Chiropractic Pediatrics and Scoliosis
Spinal Whiplash and Trauma

Dr. Parrish has also studied in the areas of:
Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition
Exercise Strength and Conditioning
Biomechanics & Rehabilitation of Golf Injuries
Auto Accident Injuries
Sports Nutrition