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Disc Injuries

Slipped DiscSlipped Disc – This term is a misnomer – the disc can’t slip since it is knitted into the vertebrae from both above and below. What can “slip” or go out of alignment are the vertebrae, which may put pressure on the disc and contribute to its damage. So, although there are no “slipped discs”, a disc can wedge, bulge, protrude and herniate. A major function of the disc is to create the separation between spinal bones so pairs of nerves can exit the spine. Chiropractic care can help by correcting the misaligned vertebrae, taking pressure off the discs and nerves, reducing the swelling in these tissues.

Surgery is often a medical recommendation for disc problems, however cutting away the bulging disc tissue can permanently alter its ability to separate and cushion the adjacent bones, and can contribute to additional back problems down the road. And although sometimes necessary, surgery rarely addresses the underlying structural cause(s) of the problem and can often be avoided with safe, effective Chiropractic care.

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